Pros to How to Get Away With Murder

  • good cast/characters
  • entertaining and engaging
  • you have a good defense when you get taken to court for murder
  • no longer a questionable search on google

Cons to How to Get Away With Murder

  • most search results are now about a show and not how to get away with murder
  • long title to type

You know what question annoys me when writing essay or doing interviews, “name some obstacles you’ve had to overcome.” Because I’ve met people with obstacles who persevere and they have never seen any of the things they go through as obstacles. They see everything they go through as part of their lives. I think that other people looking in on their lives would see aspects of their lives or upbringing as obstacles but they would not. I don’t know why you would ask someone this because someone who has faced true hardship and difficulty would not know how to answer.

sometimes I’m reading through people’s tags and I see stuff like sm what’s sm? or smh? or tbh? and that’s when I realize that that class session about context clues wasn’t a total waste of time because eventually I figure it out or at least I think I do